8 Rules of being friends with benefits

Not all relationship starts and ends well like that we have in the fairy tales. Not every girl will start her story by meeting her prince charming and then in just a matter of time will fall in love with him. Some are destined to suffer heartaches while others have chosen to play safe with love.

That is what you’ll get when you’re friends with benefits.

A casual relationship has a different set of rule. This is a type of relationship wherein the term “commitment” is nowhere to be found. Forever is not even on the list of measurement of time.  A couple or should you rather call it the two individuals involved in this connection, merely have a different kind of perception.

One can be just after the sexual fulfillment and satisfaction from the other or the other way around. In some matters, one can be important while the other one hasn’t the attraction and affection that the other one is giving. Every situation has its own distinct issue, but mostly it is not smooth sailing as you’ve expected.

So, to avoid disappointment and awkwardness, follow these eight rules of being friends with benefits:

  1. Be open all the time.

You need to make sure you’re both on the same page. To do that, you have to be open.

  1. Tell what’s on your mind.

You’re on this type of relationship because you like to experience amazing and satisfying sexy times. Don’t hesitate to tell him or her everything – including what’s not good about your setup.

  1. Never develop a strong emotional attachment.

If you do not intend to turn this relationship into a serious one, try not to develop an emotional attachment that would be too strong. This would only lead you to complications.

  1. Never say ‘I Love You.’

When you are having sex with someone too often and spending more and more time with him/her, your attraction towards the person becomes more intense. Saying it can make your relationship take a higher level or it may mark the end of it.

  1. Once you cross the line, talk about it.

Invisible boundaries are everywhere when you’re engaged in a casual sex. You should never give a damn as to whom your partner dates other than you and you do not have any control over your relationship.

  1. Don’t let yourself be trapped.

One of the things you need to be cautious about when it comes to a casual relationship is being trapped in it. Sometimes, this is not realized until you want to be out of it already.

  1. Always practice safe sex.

Condoms and contraceptives can do the trick. They will not just spare you from unplanned pregnancy, they will also ensure your safety against potential diseases.

  1. No cuddling

Why? Cuddling promotes intimacy, which is not part of your business as his/her friend with benefits. Avoid that thing.

Casual sex dating is not new but they can’t go on without you setting boundaries. If you want to maintain a casual relationship, you need to follow the rules and keep up with it.

Even when you are in a no string attached relationship, you still need to know that you and your partner have the same expectations from each other.