The Trans Dating Scene in Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysian capital may not be a famous tourist destination yet, but it’s rapidly gaining the reputation of such. There are lots of fun activities to partake in here: visit one of the city’s many malls, the landmark Petronas tower, or the bustling Central Market, selling things you can’t find anywhere else in the world. And – of course – meeting transgender men and women.

How Does Trans Dating in Kuala Lumpur look?

Transgender women are somewhat underrepresented in Kuala Lumpur because Malaysia is a conservative and mostly Muslim country. Malaysians are mixed Indian, Malay, and Chinese heritage. Courtesy is expected of foreign travelers, so that’s something to keep in mind. As Islam doesn’t allow drinking, alcohol is very expensive in the country. The government levies high “foreigner” taxes on it.

It is illegal to be alone with a Malaysian girl if you are not her husband or her family member. You can meet transgender women around a place called The Beach Club, but not inside because they’re not allowed in. You will see them standing outside, walking around the neighborhood, or sitting in coffee shops nearby.

Does trans dating in the Malaysian capital seem hard? It is. Meeting transgender people online is easier than trying to meet them in person. Websites like My Ladyboy Date have thousands of profiles with the option to see who’s online now. These sites are not fraudulent – in fact, you might find them to exceed your expectations. My Ladyboy Date in particular deletes fake profiles and takes strict measures against scamming and spamming. It is targeted at trans people who want serious and open relationships with liberal-minded foreigners who are respectful of them. They can’t meet people like that in Malaysia. In this country, being transgender is against the law.

Is Craigslist an option?

You can try trans dating in Kuala Lumpur on Craigslist. However, many people are concerned about the fact that the site is an anonymous, open system without entry barriers. Craigslist is rife with homophobes, religious fanatics, scammers, blackmailers, thieves, and representatives of law enforcement looking to trap an unwitting surfer. Yet, this is something you can say for many sites, including dating sites. We’re not saying you shouldn’t use Craigslist. We’re only advising you do so with caution. Don’t post photos with backgrounds that are easy to trace, like street or building signs.