Top 7 Best Orgasm Movie Scenes

As human beings, we have our unique carnal needs. Fortunately, films know how to show how wonderful it is to live and that includes sex.  Just like life, sex isn’t complete without reaching its climax. With that being said, here are the top 7 mind-blowing orgasm movie scenes that are too hot not to watch;

  1. Black Swan

Although the psychological repercussion of this movie snapshot is quite alarming and vast, but for a few minutes you can relax and enjoy a class of this one-of-a-kind action. In this scene, you’ll see how Mila Kunis assist Natalie Portman reach the O’land.

  1. Porky’s

Prior to her show Sex and the City, a much-admired HBO series, Kim Cattrall played Lynn Honeywell. She is a randy cheerleader in Porky, a 1982 movie. Her ‘Lassie’ name isn’t as great as it sounds. She got this because she screams like she was being possessed while doing the deeds.

  1. When Harry Met Sally

If you already watched this movie, you can say that it’s a fake onscreen orgasm.  When Harry Met Sally is a rom-com classic starred by Billy Crystal (as Harry Burns) and Meg Ryan (as Sally Albright). They were friends for quite some time. Unfortunately, both of them have no luck in love but they are really attracted to each other.

Their flirty moment happened in Manhattan (Katz’s Deli). It all starts when Harry says that he can determine if a lady is faking her orgasm or not. This challenged Sally, pushing her to make a move to prove Harry’s ability.

  1. Barbarella

Another fun and cheesy sci-film on the list is Barbarella. It was portrayed by Jane Fonda. She is great agent whose assignment is to tackle a deadly mission to bring back Doctor Durand Durand.

The thing is, she was captivated and put in a machine called as Excessive Machine – a device engineered by Durand to stimulate women until they die out of pleasure.

  1. Sleeper

This sci-fi comedy movie revolves on Miles Monroe, an amazing jazz musician.  Even though its against his will, he was cryopreserved.  He woke after 200 years. In his future, everyone is impotent or sexually unawakened. Thus, couples simply utilized Orgasmatron, a cylindrical machine that can bring to heaven in just few seconds.

  1. Pleasantville

Meanwhile, this underrated fantasy-drama film was played by Tobey Maguire (as David) and Reese Witherspoon (as Jennifer). They are two modern-day teenagers brought into the Pleasantville, a black-and-white sitcom focused on Parker family.

Because it’s an ancient TV show, no one in it knows how to have sex, specifically Betty Parker (played by Joan Allen). Thus, Jennifer decided to teach her the art of self-simulation. And guess what? The result is so hot!!

  1. American Pie

Due to its 200 sequels as well as spin-offs, it’s not surprising how easy it is to overlook the original movie. Its most memorable scene will demonstrate why Jason Biggs is admired in Hollywood.

These movie scenes depict several actors and actresses, letting us witness how to get an O face. Be sure to add them on your must-watch list to learn more how to reach that peak of pleasure!